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Bones Coffee Order Edits & Address Changes

by Michael Ridge 02 May 2023
Bones Coffee Order Edits & Address Changes

Here at Love More Coffee Company. our number one priority is providing delicious coffee and awesome merchandise to you, the loyal customer, in an expeditious manner. Through implementations of new processes, we move closer to a same day shipping experience when the volume allows. This will provide an unheard of experience when it comes to ordering from a small batch coffee roaster and something Bones hopes to be at the forefront of. 

With such a speedy turnaround time comes new limitations on being able to edit the products in your order as well as the shipping/billing address. Trust that we will do everything in our power to accommodate these requests when they do arise but caution that edits may not be able to be made on your order. 

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid having to request an edit. 

  1. Single, double, and triple check all information prior to submitting your order. This includes the shipping address, flavor and grind choices, and apparel sizes. Auto-fill, while a great tool, is often the main culprit for incorrect addresses.

  1. On the off chance incorrect information does make it through the order submission, you will receive an order confirmation containing the information. Again, please triple check the information in this email for accuracy.

  1. On the double off chance that you do not identify any errors through the order confirmation, now it is time to reach out to

  1. For the best chance to edit your order, any and all order edits must be submitted by 6:00am EDT the day following order placement, but again, editing is not guaranteed. The Bones Fulfillment Team is highly caffeinated and start fulfilling orders early. There is an ancient saying, “When in Florida you must finish before the heat finishes you.” (Disclaimer: Bones HQ is fully air conditioned)

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